Presentation Switchers and Control
Spyder’s compact modular design gives you the options, the versatility and the power to make complex switching systems easy.

Manipulate a virtually limitless variety of inputs through a single output. Stretch a single 1080I input across three or more projectors for a seamless widescreen display. Or do anything in-between.

Spyder gives you total control and flexibility, so you can mix an incredible number of sources in multiple windows, create all kinds of pictures-in-pictures (PIPs), define, shape and blend borders with remarkable ease, and do it all without a hitch, every single show. What kind of input have you got? HD, DVI, Analog RGB, SDI, HD-SDI, analog beta cam are all supported.

Spyder's intuitive user interface allows you to perform even the most complex tasks with simplicity and ease. Start by building Virtual Displays inside the computer that are truly independent of the number of outputs you use. Mix any input anywhere on any display and create a variety of motion effects and controls using simple keyframes to plot the movement.

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