Presentation Switchers and Control
The impressive transition effects system blends sound and audio transitions seamlessly with your cameras and digital content providing a cohesive and unified feel to your production.

The Newtek Tricaster provides a compact, single-box-solution, production studio environment from which the user can mix up to 8 live inputs, 6 digital media layers such as video, audio and imagery and 8 virtual inputs to a single HD output, live video stream, internal DVR or combination of the three. The Tricaster supports CVBS, S-Video, YPrPb,SDI and HD-SDI inputs as well as the ability to receive a stream from a PC, Mac or wireless iOS device via a gigabit network. 

Unique features in this single unit solution include 'Live Type' editable text for titles and the two down stream key graphics layers and an innovative virtual studio system allowing presenters to be super-imposed onto a virtual studio set. 

The Tricaster is designed for a live environment with redundant power supplies and multi-tiered fail safe systems to ensure your show is always up and running. The unit also provides up to 8 ISO records for your camera inputs or program feeds and hot-swap removable drives for easy workflow integration with your editing suite.

The Newtek Tricaster is an exceptional solution for live video production environments and suits applications from live sports video production, through to theatre and music events.

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