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27 August 2018
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TDC Supports Exhibition by Acclaimed Japanese Artist


Australian live events company TDC - Technical Direction Company - provided laser projection support for a free-to-attend exhibition by Ryoji Ikeda. This is the second time TDC has worked with the renowned Japanese electronic composer and visual artist.

The exhibition, presented by Carriageworks - the largest and most significant contemporary multi-arts centre of its kind in Australia - is the Australian premiere of micro | macro, which explored the intersection of art and quantum physics. The exhibition took place July 5 - 29 at Carriageworks' exhibition space in Redfern, a suburb of Sydney.

"Such is the remarkable image quality of which today's leading edge projection techniques are capable that they are increasingly being used to help create great art - as is the case with micro | macro," said Michael Hassett, CEO of TDC. "They give artists like Ryoji Ikeda enormous freedom to bring their creative ideas to life - precisely as they were imagined. We were delighted to support this important Carriageworks event."

Ikeda is acclaimed for his desire to pioneer new technologies and to test the limits of what can be observed and known in the universe so that it can be understood and made visible. For this exhibition at Carriageworks, the first work - titled the planck universe [micro] - explores the building blocks of matter and is a representation of nature that is infinitely small, brought to human scale by enlarging it by a measure of 10-35m. It used floor projection measuring 18 metres long by 9.6 metres wide.

The second installation in the exhibition - the planck universe [macro] - features an immense wall projection, at 10.8 metres tall and 20.3 metres wide, that seeks to depict nature, scanned from human scale to the cosmological scale and beyond our observable universe.

To create this project, TDC deployed ultra-resolution laser projectors positioned side-by-side in portrait mode on to the wall. "We chose laser due to the orientation, stable image and precision optics that the artist required from us," explained Finn Coffill, Special Projects Manager at TDC.

"Ryoji has said that his work is about seeing the world - from the most minute particles to the enormity of nature and the cosmos - at a different resolutions, and projection is the optimum medium for expressing his vision," continued Hassett. "Projection is the only technology capable of delivering  images at a scale that is not only truly awe-inspiring but also completely immersive. That's why organisers of live events - from product launches to festivals, and from grand openings to visitor attractions - are increasingly turning to projectors as a way of delivering truly memorable experiences."

Carriageworks is a cultural facility of the NSW Government and is supported by Arts NSW. It presents a contemporary multi-arts program that engages artists and audiences with contemporary ideas and issues. The program is artist led and emerges from Carriageworks' commitment to reflecting social and cultural diversity.

"From our entire team, we'd like to thank TDC for the most extraordinary screen and technology and for supporting this important new international work for Australian audiences," said Carriageworks Director Lisa Havilah.


Ryoji Ikeda, micro | macro, Carriageworks. Images courtesy: Zan Wimberley 2018.

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