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25 March 2010
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t eedeecee
Generation One

The Sydney Opera House became a live canvas with the launch of Generation One. Generation One is a national campaign to challenge Australians to end indigenous disadvantage.

The team at TDC delivered another first, having previously been the first company to project video content onto the Opera House sails in 2007.

The projection onto the Opera House is the first ever interactive, live content building imagery onto a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Indigenous performers joined with everyday Australians, celebrities, including Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, and politicians of both parties, including Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, to demonstrate the incredible level of unified support of the movement. Guests at the event left hand prints in paint on a model of the Opera House which were captured and projected live onto the Opera House Sails. See time place video footage or check out the photos here.

To mark the launch of the national campaign, TDC also delivered projections onto signature buildings in Melbourne (Flinders St Station), Brisbane (City Hall), Canberra (Australian National Gallery), and Perth (the Bell Tower). 

Take action and support the cause by visiting the Generation One Website. Congratulations to Inspire Event Partners, the inspiration behind this groundbreaking concept.

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