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26 April 2012
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t eedeecee
World Expo in Korea 2012

The Australian Pavilion wrapped up its successful run of three-months, scoring over 1.5 million visitors along with being awarded the Exhibitor Magazine’s “Best Presentation” for the sculpture projection screen. 

Think OTS engaged the services of TDC to develop their award winning concept for The Australian Pavilion at Expo 2012 in Korea. 

The exhibit centred on a contemporary projected art sculpture. Extending from floor to ceiling, and spanning across the full width of the space, the sculpture was made of faceted shapes representing the swell of the ocean, as it rises and falls between sets of ‘waves'.

TDC provided Barco projectors and Coolux Pandoras Box Servers. Extensive testing was carried out during the pre-production phase of the project to ensure optimum projector positioning and three dimensional warping capabilities could be achieved on site in Korea. 

Think OTS travelled to the four ends of the compass to film the extremes of the Australian coastal landscape in lush higher than high definition 4000 x 3000 pixel video montages which were played back by TDC's Pandoras Box Media Servers. TDC Projectionist / Pandora programmer Tim Jones was able to incorporate 3D models, 4K video, and carry out advanced warping of projectors on the sculpture directly in the Pandora Box software. 

"This project really does showcase the unique capabilities and features of TDC's Pandora's Box systems. A few years ago designing and executing shows with this complexity of projection mapping were almost unheard of. We can now do this all within one software package confident that we can achieve the precise results our clients expect," says Tim Jones, Senior Technician at TDC. 

Held in Yeosu, South Korea between May and August, World Expo 2012 involved the participation of over 100 countries and international organisations.

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