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2018 - GX2 - Main Image
30 April 2018
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t eedeecee
disguise gx 2

TDC has added two disguise (formerly d3) gx 2 media servers to its equipment inventory to support the increasing demand for projection mapping, LED with large-scale content across TV, corporate and touring environments.

The gx 2 is the latest flagship offering from disguise and has been developed to support real-time, generative content and includes gold support for Notch and features a Notch playback license. 

Dubbed as the future of live show entertainment, the GPU workstation on the gx 2 is the most powerful yet, creating the most dynamic displays ever seen. With the ability to scale up to two 4k outputs or 8 HD outputs. 

“Thanks to the support of disguise, we will host a 2 day training session which will be held at our local office to ensure our operators are fully trained and show ready.” 

Steve Cain, Head of Media Server solutions at TDC said “We are extremely excited about the arrival of these units as we are the first provider in Australia to take delivery of this range. We have been extremely happy with our range of disguise servers and the fantastic support we receive from the disguise team. In addition, TDC has also ordered the NEW Disguise OmniCal camera and look forward to putting it through its paces across many of the major projection mapping projects in coming months.         

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