Catalyst V4

Media Servers
Catalyst is Macintosh software that allows the lighting designer to transform and store moving and still images and then cue and play them to video systems.

Catalyst® offers new tools that integrate the VIDEO AND LIGHTING industries.You’ll have it all - dynamic image manipulation, revolutionary orbital projection movement, flexible DMX control and true HD output resolution. 

The heart of the system - the Catalyst Digital Media Server (video processing computer) - offers an unlimited range of realtime image processing capabilities. Load your own still or moving images or select from an extensive library of stock files. Then SCALE, ROTATE, ZOOM, EDIT, MORPH, COLOR MIX, OVERLAY, BLEND - to create your desired effect. 

Using the power of the lighting console to control cues during the show, Catalyst controls and manipulates video images through DMX to ensure perfect synchronisation between video and performance in live shows. Previous video technologies haven’t allowed for any live manipulation of the footage. In Catalyst all parameters can be altered in real time so that you don’t have to re-render content at the last minute. 

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