Samsung 46" LCD Video Wall

Flat Screen Displays
Samsung's UX/UXn LFD will help to deliver your message to an audience that is truly larger-than-life.

Samsung has devised a way to configure LFDs so that up to four units can be placed vertically with no limit as to how many are placed horizontally. With crystal-clear images, Samsung's LFDs reproduce spectacular visuals that are guarantees to grab everyone's attention.

At only 11mm wide, the new bezel design is 9mm thinner than the previous model. This ultra-slim bezel enhanced the viewer's visual experience with clean, minimalist borders that surround the image area, ideal for multiple-monitor setups.

The "Lego brick" design of the UX/UXn allows for quick and easy installation without having to hire additional help. Whether your ideal image orientation is vertical or horizontal, the Samsung UX/UXn LFDs configuration options are virtually limitless.

Each LCD is 46" diagonal (1049 x 601mm) and weighs 29 kg each.

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