Panasonic 85" HD Plasma

Flat Screen Displays
Based on its know-how in producing large-size panels that was cultivated with the 103-inch PDP development, Panasonic has developed the new 85-inch full HD plasma display integrating the latest high picture quality technology.

The 85-inch display, having a screen size equivalent to four 42-inch panels, incorporated Panasonic's NeoPDP energy-efficient, double luminance technology. With a moving picture resolution of 1080 lines and a stunning contrast ratio of 40,000:14, the world's highest to date, the panel delivers blur-free, crisp, true-to-life images, with deep, rich blacks.

The large and thin plasma display not only delivers dynamic images but is outfitted with many convenient features for professional use.

With its low reflective glass surface this HD display is ideally suited to every broadcast environment.

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