Panasonic 103" HD Plasma

Flat Screen Displays
The Panasonic TH-103PF10, 1080p HD panel is a showstopper and is suitable for use across a broad spectrum of events and applications.

The 103-inch/262cm plasma display is large enough to show people in life-size scale. Detailed gradation is essential for reproducing smooth, natural colours. This is one of the keys to the unsurpassed image quality of this 103-inch/262cm plasma model. Achieving the equivalent of 4,096 gradation steps – which is industry leading – Panasonic 103-inch/262cm plasma renders images with natural colouration, subtle nuancing and exquisite detail.

Panasonic takes specifications to even higher levels with its 5,000:1 contrast ratio, allowing out 103-inch/262cm plasma displays to provide remarkable images in nearly any viewing environment. They reproduce beautiful images with tight, rich blacks – a hallmark of high quality plasma displays – as well as smooth, natural tonal gradation and outstanding depth.

With its low reflective glass surface this high definition display is ideally suited to broadcast environments.

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